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75's Co-op mapping

Started by 75, April 27, 2013, 09:41:40 AM

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I haven't been releasing a lot lately, the reason for that is that I've been trying to get good at making co-op and single player maps.

I've been trying to make co-op maps for this since about January of 2011 (it's been hard for me to learn) but I've been getting better.

Recently I've been tending to make maps that are very difficult, not because of a large amount of monsters but because there is very little ammo and the layouts are very challenging.

However, I have had a very hard time porting these ideas to Chex maps. For now I've been making maps for Doom 2 and MSPaintDoom, but I've only been doing this because Doom has a larger variety of monsters for me to experiment with, and MSPaint Doom has a huge armory of guns and monsters. This helps me for some reason.

The only chex map I have to show for now is E5M20, you can find it in the latest version of Chex Pack (just use MAP E5M20); I've improved quite a lot since I made that map, but it has a very nice atmosphere to it.

I would like some feedback on my Doom related content if are interested.

You can find a single map wad for Doom 2 (works fine in FreeDoom if you don't have Doom 2.wad); the map is MAP01; it works in vanilla doom and all other ports.
Ultra-Violence is very hard.

If you're interested in the MSPaintDoom single player maps, send me a PM; they are really great but they need an alpha version of MSPaintDoom that I can't distribute publicly.
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