Questions about various things (mostly TNCQ G2)

Started by Danfun64, May 14, 2024, 05:12:37 PM

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Been awhile since I posted here I think. It looks like a large amount of threads with old download links have disappeared since I was here least.

Anyway, TNCQ G2. It's still available on the Chex Quest Gallery, alongside the weird questionably legal version of Doom 2 it was built on.

First of all, I believe it required OpenGL to work? I don't remember now, and it's hard to find information on it.

Second, it's very difficult to get past the first area in gzdoom. The weird tight section where you have to go diagnally, it doesn't seem to work (it does in Zandronum though). Are there any compatibility settings I'm missing?



You mean this mod, right?

There's also a mod called "Chex Quest Generation 2" by the same author so I just wanted to make sure.

It seems like I can just barely get through the diagonal stairs in that mod in zand, I can't get through it at all on gzdoom. To be honest that hallway is probably just too thin and maybe gzdoom just changed their physics code a little since then.

I thought at first it was because one class is wider than the others but no class can get through that hallway.
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