Any OG CQ crew still left?

Started by Rushnerd, September 12, 2023, 01:59:51 AM

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Just having a bit of fun coming back here after years and years as I do.
I see the forum is still active and I'm not sure anyone remembers me, but I remember everyone back in the heyday. You guys are awesome and just wanted to chime in!
Star Wars: Dark Forces is getting a remaster soon and made me remember how much I love Chex Quest to death and this community. Never stop.
Enjoy my crapposting here from 2007 haha

Boingo the Clown

I remember you.


Traffic has been slow here since CQHD came out, but it is not entirely abandoned.

People still come here.


Hey, I know you! Ayo, what up?

(15 years of Zorchin' Alive? Holy crap)