TUCQ Release 6 Unofficial Patch

Started by Radiocaster, February 06, 2022, 06:44:28 PM

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I noticed that the last release of TUCQ has been rendered broken by newer GZDoom updates, and I decided to make a patch for it.
This patch is to fix two main issues, the keys not opening their doors, and the weapons not being able to be selected after switching away from them.
Just load it after TUCQR6.WAD in a program like ZDL, or you may be able to get it to function just by dragging and dropping.
An important thing to note is that due to the reason this issue seems to happen in the first place, you will have to keep your TUCQ Wad file named "TUCQR6.WAD" and nothing else for the patch to function properly, there may be some way to work around this that I'm unaware of, but for now that's the only requirement.
You'll probably also want to load TUCQ as a PWAD instead of an IWAD since GZDoom thinks TUCQ is Doom 1 and fumbles a lot of the graphics up.

More info about the patch:
The issues described seem to happen because modern GZDoom has a handler for conflicting actor names, and since TUCQ defines actors with the same names as ones already defined by GZDoom, this always kicks in and renames the actors. This mainly affects the keys and the weapons, my guess is that since they have different actor names at runtime, they aren't able to be referenced by the player actor or the key doors. This patch works around this issue by redefining the actors and using the replace function to replace them in the maps. The only thing I couldn't get working 100% was the "give weapons" cheat which with the patch will give you two copies of each weapon. This is because I had to list the weapon slot in the actor itself since I couldn't directly modify the player. I think the only way I could've fixed this was either a direct edit to TUCQ or to redefine the entire player actor.

Truth be told I'm far from an expert in Decorate, so I can't promise this patch is 100% issue free. If you do end up having a problem with it, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.

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