A Sighting!

Started by Boingo the Clown, November 04, 2021, 10:21:36 PM

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Boingo the Clown

Here is a little something I found at Dollar Tree.



yo mama so SKINNY when she played baldis basics baldi used her as the ruler baldi: stop being so stupid brody: OW stop hitting me with that mama ow


the cursed thing about this is that there is a mouth below where the flemoids mouth would be in the game, which just makes it look odd

Boingo the Clown

I have decided that it was supposed to be a crocodile, since the other slime shooters were animals

but it still looks just like a flemoid to me.


Looks more like a Flemoid than a crocodile, undoubtedly.
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Yeah, I see the flemoid but not the crocodile.

King Ezra The Wise

You could make that as a flemoid