What was so bad about the original Cinema design in Chex Quest 2?

Started by lukefsje, February 03, 2021, 10:29:25 PM

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The only thing about the level I found to be bad was the fact that the Red Key isn't actually used, but getting it triggers the area to the Yellow Key. A simple fix would've been to just have the area to the Yellow Key locked behind a Red Key Door. I feel like the other original level designs had more glaring issues, like the ugly gray textures used for the dark part in the Museum or the fact that you don't even need to go down and use the Blue Key Door in the Sewers.


I played it recently and i think it's the lack of feedback, the mandatory secrets, how much back tracking you have to do on a very linear looking level and also it's generally ugly
much like m1 feels a bit lackign due to it's only attraction being the cafeteria at the start, m2's only attraction is the animated screens.


inside the theaters it's just really flat, it's different in cq3
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I will give you a little indirect thank you in regard to the theatres in CQ3, since they are based on the theatre in TUCQ, although chuck managed to make a near exact copy based on just my screen shots.

That bring me to something I want you to do for me.

TUCQ release 7 has been stuck for a very long time, because of the theatre level!

It seems that while I am good at making levels look good, I am pretty bad at making good playable levels.

If you can give me suggestions on what kind of layout you think would be good, I might be able to finally finish E2M2, and that would mean the long awaited release 7 of TUCQ.

Can you guys help me on this?

King Ezra The Wise

maybe a Laz Device secret or more posters maybe add some Gyros

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I guess I'm a little late, but if you still want some inspiration: If was to make it, I'd try to do something like this.

I suppose the goal would be to go from the entrance of the cinema, to a back exit into an ally way or something. You could also do the opposite. Have the player enter from an emergency exit into one of the theater rooms, and have the goal to leave through the front, towards the museum next door. Now that I type it out, I think I like this a little more.

Start the map in the alleyway behind the cinema. I'd have the emergency exit door slimed open. Maybe have a slimed Chex guy next to it, who was fleeing the cinema through the door. The original CQ2 map felt like it was supposed to be a cinema for a small town. This version is a going to be of higher quality, so the theater rooms have balconies, to make it more than just a square room. Maybe some side balconies, like in an opera house, just to add a bit more to it. You could then have a projector room behind that. Maybe have a key on the balcony that lets the player leave the first theater room. It could be a "ticket" that you get from a slimed movie goer. Perhaps place it in front of a locked door that leads to the projector room, letting the player know that they'll have to come back here. You'll have to play around with this, as entering a stairway, and then going on to a balcony for a key wouldn't take very long, and kind of bring into question why the key exists to begin with. I suppose if you start in the lobby, it'd stretch it out a bit, and the key could lead to a different theater room instead. If you want some layout inspiration, this looks pretty cool:

I'd then have the player leave the theater room, into a hallway with doors to the rest of the theater rooms. I guess I'd have the player enter the lobby from here. I'd have to make the exit an emergency exit on one of the other theater rooms, so the map doesn't end here. My lobby would have some side stores or maybe a food court, and of course the ticket booth. It'd be cool to have a queue in front, with Flemoids lining up to get tickets. I guess your next objective would be to get behind the ticket booth, and grab another ticket (key), which will let the player go to the next theater room. You could use the stores to flesh this section out. Maybe a have a back hallway, which connects to all the stores and the ticket booth. Kinda like in a mall or something. Some inspiration here:

The next theater room would probably have a similar layout to the first one. If you have three theater rooms like the original map, both theater rooms we've been to should be in order. So this would be the middle room. We could have the key to the project room mentioned earlier on this balcony. Maybe have a slimed worker with a flashlight. Now we can send the player back to the starting room, so we can now enter the projector room. You could add a hallway behind the projector room, which leads to the other two projector rooms for the other theaters. You could also add a storage room up here, for all the movies or something to keep it interesting. In the final projector room, you can leave through the door into the final theater room's balcony. You can then make your way down to the emergency exit, thus ending the map.

Of course, you'll definitely need to change a lot to make the map longer, not to mention have a 2D layout. Don't really know how well this will work out, but I hope it gives you some inspiration.
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We could introduce new flemoids pain elementals need representation

Boingo the Clown

Believe it or not, I already have a pain elemental replacement in T.U.C.Q., but not in a released version.

Right now I am concentrating on DeiMWolf.  I am hoping to get a new release out there  before Christmas.  After that, I plan on bringing my focus back to T.U.C.Q..


How about Chukker and his team make a Cinema level design like the one Replica has shown in the making of Chex Quest HD, Episode 2. That would be REALLY cool.  8)

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If you do the same thing you did for the Cinema in Chex quest 3 you could add Grimer and Muk to the sewers idk if they would have their red and blue cries, they're x and y cries, their anime cries or flemoid cries