Strife Level Packs Official Rerelease for TUCQ R6!

Started by TrueDude, May 01, 2016, 06:15:20 PM

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Hey! So, I'm sure everyone who frequents these forums remembers the classic Strife Level Packs released back around 2007 or 2008. (My memory is a bit foggy on the specific date) They were made specifically for TUCQ back when it was still on the Doom Legacy engine. It's built specifically for the early versions of TUCQ though, and since then there's been many updates, so it's fallen behind considerably. As such, it's been in dire need of updating, since it's one of the only mods left on Legacy these days. (Well, besides Newmaps, but that's a whole 'nother beast of its own...) Well, here's that update...

A couple of things you should know about this release...

  • The mod was made in good faith; I got permission from Strife to do this, I didn't just do it without his knowledge.
    The maps are as faithful as possible, down to nearly every texture being exactly the same. I even remade some of the textures that were since deleted from TUCQ itself just for compatibility.
  • Perfect monster recreation: I read and reread and rereread the DEHACKED code to make sure the monsters behavior is 1:1 identical with the originals. They can even be ported to other mods super easily now!
  • Some little visual quirks have been fixed. The Level Packs were both made for different versions of TUCQ and had little details like "Change me!" textures littered in random spots. These have been corrected. There has been on visual quirk introduced however; if you're playing in software mode, there is a HOM underneath the desks in E5M1. These cannot be fixed without porting the map to a newer format and frankly I've spent enough time on this conversion. TUCQ is meant for OpenGL, go play it in that!
  • You may notice there's a lot more ammo scattered about; this is because the older versions of TUCQ had the flemoids dropping ammo when zorched. This was corrected in later versions, so the amount of ammo was much more scarce now. Because of this more ammo had to be put in the maps to compensate.

Expect a post from Boingo soon containing the download link below...


Boingo the Clown

Sorry to be so slow, but the file is now available on the web site.


Well I'll be! That's a blast form the past. And according to my research, they're actually vintage 2006.

You know, speaking of old mods, since5's level packs would be nice to play again. They predated even these. Would be a worthy project for an enterprising individual.

Super Chex

Oh, how I missed these! Just got done playing back through. Ah! Right in the nostalgia!
:D :p