Chex Quest HD!

Started by Chukker, April 18, 2016, 08:51:39 AM

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Quote from: TrueDude on September 06, 2016, 05:39:46 PM
Is the music composed to a point you could show off a tiny preview of it? Surprised no one else has asked to be honest, I'm curious how it's been remixed.

I'm curious too -- no rush, but a preview would be great if it's available.
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Andrew is working on new music but I haven't gotten any samples of the remixes yet. Once I get some and assuming he gives me a thumbs up to distribute, I will certainly upload a sample. As far as release date... next year sometime is the best I can guess. I've decided to remake the intro/outro using Unreal's sequencer tools. That will add significant time but I feel they should be remade as well since I hope this game gets played by a whole crop of new players unfamiliar with the Chex Quest storyline.


I'm not sure if somebody have asked that yet but will you put the "Super Slimey" (nightmare) mod? It could be a good challenge !
But on Unreal Engine (?).....


Level of difficulty is something that we will probably do, though it may not work exactly like CQ/Doom. Getting respawning enemies working for Super Slimey in theory shouldn't be too hard to implement, but I haven't looked into it yet.


It'd be fine to just have three difficulties. The middle three difficulties in the original CQ were all the same anyway.


It's why a "Nightmare" type mod with the respawn of the enemies could be a great challenge, like a die & retry to continue to play the game.
If the game is bit short, a nightmare mod could be cool for people who want try the ultimate challenge !  :D
And in Chex Quest, it's an enjoyable mod since the enemies dont have bullet/hitscan weapons !  :whale


HMM Interesting. very interested to see how this turns out. After going through all my software classes and projects I definitely have more respect for what it means to work on this as a side project. So far I think it looks great. Someone let me know when we get more of an actual game (beta/ screenshots ect.). My only question is was there a particular reason to use unreal besides your familiarity with it. I know its unreasonable to actually do but could yall imagine Chex in like the new Frostbyte engine?
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Biggest reason to go with UE4 is the blueprint system. Blueprints is C++ code turned into a visual node-based tool. Pretty cool stuff for implementing functionality if you're not a programmer, but at least understand programming fundamentals. Here's a new screen, since I haven't posted one in a while. Background for the main menu obviously.


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Yeaaaah Chex Quest ! ^^
I will share the pic ! hehe  :whale


Whoa...  :o Chukker, I can tell you are pro! If this is how the whole new Chex Quest game is gonna look, I know it's going to be nothing short of totally amazing!! Keep up the good work,; it's looking amazing!
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I am really liking the looks of this so far! The title screen looks fantastic. I think my personal preference would be to darken the chex warrior's "visor" though, so only his eyes are visible. That would make it look more like the original title screen. I'm not too picky though because this looks amazing. Hoping for updates soon!


This is amazing any updates on this? It would be super amazing to see it on the Nintendo Switch lol.


Hello and Happy New Year everyone! We are making good progress on the game. Weapons, power-ups and enemies are nearly all done. The levels are all playable with varying levels of beautification. We've started to block out and animate the remakes of the intro and outro videos as well. Unfortunately now that we are working with the Chex marketing folks on this project, it does make releasing media more complicated. Essentially any released media does need to go by them first, which is why I haven't been posting lots of work-in-progress screens or videos. We are hoping to have a teaser video ready in a few months though.
As for console platforms, that might be something done later. Unreal builds to consoles easily enough, the challenge would be acquiring financial support in order to purchase platform licenses and development hardware.