The Vilecore Conversion Thread (Keeping Track)

Started by Boingo the Clown, February 24, 2016, 10:57:06 PM

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Quote from: noob1234 on April 15, 2016, 07:27:07 PM
What an incredibly elegant solution to the constant Chex Quest problem of having two types of damage that damage the player and the enemies differently. (Zorch vs flem)

It really is awesome, I'm glad he's back to working on TUCQ; it seems like he really puts a lot of thought into this sort of stuff.
"Give us those nice bright colors, give us the greens of summer, makes you think all the world's a sunny day."

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Boingo the Clown

I worked a little bit on MAP08 today.

CQ (and T.U.C.Q.) has such a tiny number of textures compared to DooM 2, that it is extremely difficult to make any progress.

I can only make new textures by recolouring the old ones so many times.   ::)

MAP08 Has a big Wolfenstein section, with a great big swastika on the floor in one room.  Today I replaced it with something more appropriate.



I've been working on MAP06. I changed the light on and off randomly rooms to normal because on and off is un-chexquesty.
Progress: 22%

Boingo the Clown

MAP06 is some kind of reactor core as far as I know. I have been avoiding it, because I can't figure out what textures to use for it.

QuoteEwww brand X :8

In case you don't know, Brand X , in universe, is a rival cereal company to Chex.  It's a really crappy cereal.  They also make things like power doors, and these are also inferior in quality.


Great. Now I can't run ANY port of DOOM that is based on ZDooM or BOOM (which pretty much rules out every port in the world).


MAP14 is virtually done aside from bugtesting. Here's a preview:

Hopefully you get your issue fixed WindowsVistaLover, the more people helping out the better!


Not really a fan of that red-brick. The brown one is fine, but the red one makes my eyes bleed, and the gritty/grainy image it produces at a decent distance away isn't really Chexy. Maybe less contrast + slight color change?
Shh!  I'm taking a break from reality.

Boingo the Clown

I went back into MAP14 and made some tiny tweaks.  I think it is time to add it to the "finished" category.


Had anyone gotten work done on their own maps? We'd appreciate any help we could get!


So, I guess I must have been really motivated last night or something, because I practically finished both MAP11 and MAP12 from scratch. Hopefully this means I'll continue pumping these out and doesn't mean I'll get burnt out quickly. :p

Boingo the Clown

Ack!  Stop embarrassing me!

You've got more levels converted than I do now!

I have those level listed as 99% completed right now, because of minor issues with texture alignment, one or two missing textures, and little things like that.  I will try to tweak those things today (if possible) before marking the levels as officially finished.

BTW they look fantastic.

I know you guys have not seen it yet, but TrueDude made a really nifty sepia tone sky for MAP11.  It reminds me of Mars, or a desert at sunset.  You're gonna love it when you see it.

As for me ...

MAP05 is essentially done. The only reason it is not officially finished is the fact I need to build one new texture from scratch to replace a texture from DooM 2.  I need to create a large wooden door, and I am not sure whether to start it as a hand drawing, or to do it all in GIMP.

MAP04 is also mostly finished, and waiting on new textures to be made.  Also, some of the green wall textures I have already made need to be finshed.


If either of you need a beta tester let me know. I'd be more then happy to zip through a map watching for misaligned textures, funny monster placement, etc.. I have an eye for those things. Feel free to PM. (grr need to be in the chat more often)


You should ask Boingo about it and see what he says. Regardless of how much work I do and input I have he is still the project leader.

Also! MAP09 can join the list of 99%-or-higher complete maps now! I'm on a bit of a roll lately, heh.

Boingo the Clown

TrueDude has been on fire!

Three levels in three days!

This is stellar work.