Strife maps don't like gzdoom 2.8pre

Started by Danfun64, September 12, 2014, 08:32:36 PM

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Using a git build of gzdoom, I tried playing the strife maps with TUCQR6. I couldn't change weapons properly, and the new enemies were having a spaz attack (no offense to you british).

Ironically, TUCQR5 as a pwad to doom.wad ran better. The first problem was nonexistent. The second problem remained.

Here is a video of the second problem


Considering Strife hasn't been active in forever, I doubt this will ever be addressed :P
Although someone could make an unofficial patch if they wanted... Looks like a case of sprite botching to me but IDK


Well, Strife's maps were designed for Doom Legacy. I don't know if it could be GZDoom problems with it.


Right! Derp. Yeah, that would do it... And probably not easily fixable...


Thing is, I could have sworn that map was working properly in an earlier version of (g)zdoom (maybe zandronum, idk).

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Do the Strife maps have custom weapons?

When T.U.C.Q. was in Legacy it used a DEHackEd patch, and Strife's levels likely would have too.


In order to get T.U.C.Q. working properly as an IWAD in GZDooM I had to redo the weapons as part of the DECORATE lump, and define the weapon slots.  I am pretty sure that would break any weapons using DEHackEd. In fact, I found that weapons created in DEHacKed were not being selected, because GZDooM was ignoring them in favour of the DECORATE versions.  For example, in (the current unreleased versio of) DeiMWolf (uses the same sorts of changes as T.U.C.Q.) there was a problem with switching weapons. If I picked up the MP40 I could not select it. Eventually I discovered it was because the pickup was being applied to the DEHackEd version of the weapon, but I was only able the switch between the DECORATE versions.  If the Strife levels are using DEHackEd based custom weapons, this is probably what is happening.


Adding dehacked patch strife_levelpack.wad:DEHACKED
Script error, "gzdoom.pk3:dehsupp.txt" line 318:
Invalid state range in 'LostSoul'

Boingo the Clown

Maybe Strife was trying to do the same sort of nonstandard hacking I was doing in Legacy.

Legacy did not have the DECORATE lump, but it did hide the Heretic tables below the DooM tables, and I got things working by hacking those tables.

If Strife tried the same, that would cause the error you experienced.


I tested the wad with zandronum 1.2.2 and it works perfectly. Tested it in zandronum 2 build 140112-1124 and it's broken again. Must be a change in zdoom 2.5

Boingo the Clown

I am afraid  I am unable to fix the problem then.

I recomend you try playing with T.U.C.Q. Phase II beta 3 and DooM Legacy v 1.42.


I remember Strife having a double shotgun. (A large Zorcher in each hand), but that's all the weapons I can remember.

I'm pretty sure he did some crazy dehacked stuff in his levels. Those spider flemoids he had were originally the doom barrel if I recall correctly. I would imagine that there is a good chance he had some heretic edits in there too.
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How the heck does he mix this stuff?!?!? He has to tell me his secrets!!!

Probably just using some DECORATE and DeHackED stuff.
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No DECORATE, that only exists in zdoom.

It's not necessary to "mix" stuff in zDoom/Zandronum, since you can declare actors from scratch rather than re-using frames.
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Oh, sorry. I didn't know decorate wasn't in GZDooM. I don't do hardly any GZDooM.
I used to be the new guy that no one talks to, now I'm just the vaguely familiar guy that no one talks to


... No, DECORATE is in GzDoom; GzDoom is based off of zDoom. DECORATE is not in Legacy.
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