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Started by Boingo the Clown, January 20, 2014, 07:24:49 PM

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Boingo the Clown

The thicker black outlines on the fruit bowls are due to the fact they are "new" sprites.

A while back I came across a bunch of graphics that were larger versions of the original sprites.  The detailing on the sprites and their colouration strongly suggested to me that the graphics were either the original ones Chuck made or rescaled from them.  I emailed Chuck and asked him about them.  He was unable to confirm if they were the graphics he made (after all, it has been 18 years), but he did confirm thay he originally made the sprites at a much larger size, then scaled them down.  Despite not getting the confirmation I was hoping for, I am still convinced the graphics are genuine.

The fruit bowl in R6 is actually one of the graphics.  I put it in as an experiment.  The graphic does have the heavy outline, and I did not remove it before I put it in.


Boingo, can i make an E1M6, 7, or 8?
I used to be the new guy that no one talks to, now I'm just the vaguely familiar guy that no one talks to


-I think there's another topic for maps...
-You should probably get more practice mapping first. No offense, just that you're a new mapper. (You still know more than me though. xD)


 >:( I have actually practiced mapping and at least I'm not someone who says "I make good maps and they p good lol" When i don't actually do mapping. but i say my maps are good when i actually map and when I actually make good maps. I have learned some stuff, though. like 3D floors, Dynamic lights, reflective floors, and so on.
I used to be the new guy that no one talks to, now I'm just the vaguely familiar guy that no one talks to


Knowing how to use special features and knowing how to use special features correctly are two different things. Trust me; I learned that the hard way. Took me forever to get good at mapping, and i'm still not the best. The first thing a mapper needs to learn is humility. It also took me a long time to learn that :P

I'd suggest making your own fully fledged mod project first, in order to get more experience (even MORE experience, even if you think you already have a decent amount :P)
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Well, I've been working on A New Quest, If that counts.
I used to be the new guy that no one talks to, now I'm just the vaguely familiar guy that no one talks to


I suggest completing an entire episode first, with proper monster placement (i.e., take out ALL the levels where it's just two little rooms then an exit switch if you haven't already)

If you have trouble with coop it might help to make some competitive maps (DM/Duel), I think making DM and duel maps were a good thing to do before getting deep into single player.

You should try to make single player maps first though, just to be sure you won't make maps that will have HOMs or break, if they're not great don't worry about it, it takes a long time to get good at it. Just keep making maps and remember what you did right and wrong from your last one and apply it.

Delete weak links in your pack as you find problems and replace them with better ones (the pickier and more observant you are, the better).  Experiment, make mistakes, separate the good from the bad, keep the good and learn from the bad, and  eventually you'll have something great.
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I used to be the new guy that no one talks to, now I'm just the vaguely familiar guy that no one talks to


I'm about a decade late, but I finally got around to playing with source ports and getting TUCQ working.  Thanks to Pokefan531 and Acts19quiz on Discord for much help.  I played through TUCQR6 in both ZDoom 2.8.1 and GZDoom 2.2.0 on "Gobs of Goo."  ZDoom has some graphical glitches in the lab and sewers, but I didn't notice other huge differences between them.  Here are my thoughts:

First, great job with the graphical updates!  The lighting on teleporters is really nice, as is the way the vines in the arboretum maze stand out from the surrounding walls.  I like how you set up the ending of one level to connect logically to the beginning of the next throughout the game (but the cinema is completely missing?).  The diner looks more vibrant than it did originally.  The sky tunnel leading to the red key area in E2M4 gives it a modern look, and the elevator leading back down to the streets is a nice touch.  Is the "large phasing zorcher recharge" completely new?  I don't recall seeing that graphic before.

Next up, some gameplay changes.  Giving the commonus and bipedicus long-range attacks increases the overall difficulty, IMO, and makes them more formidable foes.  I think it also makes the original ending video more realistic; I had wondered how the flemoids got close enough to the ship to cover it in so much slime, but that's not a problem any longer if they can attack from a distance.  Adding some larvae to the caverns was a surprise, but, again, one that makes sense.  It seems more difficult to move through the water in the sewers than to move on the platforms, which is another realistic change IMO.

Now for some things that I found odd.  In the caverns, you can only open the yellow key doors to the room containing the red key from one direction.  Is that intended, or is it an issue with the source ports I used?  Also in the caverns, the armored bipedicus in the secret path to the flembrane area somehow opened its door and flanked me as I was fighting the other enemies in the flembrane area.  It happened in ZDoom, and I had taken the long path through the level rather than the shortcut.  Never had that happen before, but I've mostly played CQ3.  Oh, and the quadrumpus by the yellow key in the sewers opened the panel in the wall leading back to the main sewer area; that was in GZDoom.  Another thing that's odd is how the entire blue key area seems optional in the sewers.  I don't remember the original, but CQ3 has a fence that forces you to pass through the blue key area.  That fence is missing in TUCQR6, so you just need the yellow key to get the red key and go to the end section.  Speaking of the end section, are you supposed to be able to use the teleporter there without defeating all of the flemoids in the room first?

There were some other oddities that were specific to the secret areas.  The way the secrets are counted in Episode 2 seems strange at times.  In E2M1, there's that passage through grates that goes between the blue key room and the small storage space holding one larva and some food.  You apparently need to enter it from each end, so it counts for at least two secrets.  Opening the secret door in the red key area of the same mission by attacking it was different than any of the other secrets.  There's apparently a secret in the museum that I could not find in either ZDoom or GZDoom.  IDK if I'm not triggering its counting or if I need to attack something to open it, but I can't get more that 6/7 secrets there.

Finally, there's a spelling error after completing the first episode: bannishment should be banishment.