Gallary doesn't show up on Google

Started by Danfun64, May 01, 2023, 02:40:28 PM

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It's been a long time since I posted here.

Recent events had me look for the Chex Quest Gallery. The website is still up but none of its results appear on a Google search, to the point that "site:" gives me no results. Does anybody know why this is? Is it because of the TNCQ:G2 Base iwad or something?


Well that's bizarre.

I don't see anything on my end that could be causing that. For yucks, I tried searching with Bing, and I'm the top result. I guess Google doesn't like me. :(


It's because Google doesn't know the website exists. Not sure why this happens, but when I used to work on websites I remember having to submit some stuff to Google. It's kinda of a pain but, they have a help page about it. You'll want to follow step 2.
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