get slimed catch a cold theory

Started by King Ezra The Wise, December 05, 2021, 11:16:34 AM

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King Ezra The Wise

what actually happens when you get slimed do you suffocate, do you catch a cold (the cold theory is mine) do you die what happens

Boingo the Clown

I believe in cannon you just get stuck in place.  Suffocation would not be a child-friendly option.


According to the comic book from Chex Quest HD, "[The flemoids] were concerned with one thing: The consumption of any & every possible nutrient from their environment" (p. 37). So, my theory is when you get slimed by a flemoid, the flemoids could then proceed to drink NOT blood, but instead drain the vitamins and minerals from your body, shriveling you up like a plant lacking nutrients. In the case of "Rescue in Bazoik" episode, the Flembrane may simply be holding the Chex citizens hostage. I don't know what kind of demands the Flembrane made to the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals (or Snacks), if at all, or whether it intended to cause the hostages to lose nutrients or keep them stuck in the slime for the rest of their days. So, my theory on that is that the Flembrane had made a demand to the IGFC/S to let the flemoids have planet Bazoik all to themselves (the flemoids, however, would move on to another nutrient-rich planet once they're done with planet Bazoik) or the Chex citizen hostages lose their nutrients, giving the IGFC/S three days to decide. So, the IGFC/S sent Fred Chexter (or one of his Chex Mix Squadron allies) to stop the menace and free the hostages.

Boingo the Clown

If it interests anyone, I have considered a possible replacement for the DooM cyberdemon.

A giant flemoid with a cold.  He would have an ice pack on his head and a thermometer in his mouth and could possibly be wearing a bathrobe.  What can be worse than a snot monster with a cold?

Instead of firing rockets he would sneeze (ah Ah AH-CHOOOOOO!) and send out a disgusting burst of flem towards the player.


That's a great idea. I like it. It'd be cool if decorate/dehacked was used to give it's attack a shotgun like effect with multiple rockets, to simulate a bigger nastier sneeze.
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I am not sure about the outfit; that seems pretty gimmicky in my opinion. But a giant flemoid sneezing a spray of slime seems like good, creative idea to simulate a rocket-like ball of slime.