Issues with gzdoom 3.2.1

Started by noob1234, November 04, 2017, 01:15:55 AM

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I've noticed a few issues when playing TUCQ with GZDoom 3.2.1. I don't know if this is the first version the problems cropped up in, though. Part of me thinks it might have to do with the introduction of Zscript, but I wouldn't know.

First of all, the key pickups don't work.
[spoiler]I picked up the blue key here but the door isn't opening.

When I input "give keys" into the console, a second blue key appeared in my inventory.

This happens for all three keys. [/spoiler]
Second, the player bleeds

Thirdly, this particular decoration hopped up like this for one frame of its animation

Fourth, the weapon pickups don't allow you to switch correctly. You can't use the previous/next weapon controls, and when you use the number keys to switch to the mini zorcher or spoon, you can't switch back to any of the other weapons.

Finally, here are the console errors upon launch

All these errors except the decoration jumping occur both when running TUCQ as an iwad and when running as a pwad over chex.wad. The decoration jumping occurs only when running tucq as an iwad.
There might be more errors but these are just what I've found.

Boingo the Clown

The key thing can be fixed.  It is due to changes I made to the key and lock definitions I made a while back when I was trying to make T.U.C.Q. compatible with multiple IWADs before making it an IWAD itself.  It may take a while to go back and remember the changes I did in order to undo them.

The "frame out of range" messages are coming from the old DEHACKED lump left over from Legacy.  Legacy did not have DECORATE or any kind of equivalent, but it did have the Heretic tables hidden just after the DooM tables.  To get extra items and frames in Legacy, I hacked into the Heretic table.  That is where the error messages are coming from.  they are harmless, and the DEHACKED lump is going to be removed eventually.

The sprite problems are caused by a bug in GZDooM, and can't be fixed by me, except by renaming all of the sprites.

Some time around GZDooM 2.3.2, they added a "feature" where GzdooM would change the y offsets of DooM sprites in order to keep them from being clipped by the floor plane. GZDooM thinks T.U.C.Q. is Ultimate DooM, and applies the same offset changes to T.U.C.Q.'s sprites, fouling them up.

I reported this to the GZDooM team a couple of months ago.

Boingo the Clown

Well, since information on how to get my mods to run only got me told to use a feature that causes the game to crash, and information on how to stop the game crashing is not forthcoming, it looks like major surgery is going to have to be performed on the mod to get rid of the problem.

All the affected sprites will have to be renamed, and the DECORATE lump changed.

Sorry about that.


Boingo the Clown

Good news.

It looks like I already renamed the sprites previously and forgot about it.

I also looks like already fixed the blood problem, and removed the old DEHACKED lump.

Of course you will see these changes in the next release.