PHOBULAR -- A KDitD Remake for Chex Quest

Started by Ether Bot, August 21, 2017, 03:22:23 AM

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Hey guys! I've been playing more chex quest lately and was inspired to pick up an old project I had, which was "Knee Deep in the Chex" or "Redundant.wad" or some other names. It was a remake of E1M1 from the original DooM made for CQ.

I've messed with that level some more and added some more rooms and extra details, and felt compelled to remake some other maps as well. I'm currently working on E2M2. These maps will be Chex Quest styled maps inspired by Doom, as opposed to being 1-1 remakes, so expect a very different experience. By the time I'm done with these maps, since they will be so different from the maps that inspire them, I hope a few of them might qualify for those extra maps TUCQ needed at one point. Who knows?

TUCQR6 can function as an IWAD to run this mod on, but if that sounds too complicated and you dislike command-lines you can select both TUCQR6.wad and "Phobular.wad" at once and drag them onto gzdoom. If you run both at once, than you can select "doom.wad" as the IWAD.

It should also work on any engine TUCQ works on.

                  Download Here: VERSION FIVE

Supports Co-Op, up to 6 players, and has difficulty settings.

E1M1 - Almost Finished

E1M2 - Playable

E1M3 - Playable

E1M4 - Just Started

E1M5 - Untouched

E1M6 - Untouched

E1M7 - Untouched

Playtesters needed
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Quick update. New link above.

Fixed some weird missing textures.

More progress on E1M2, but it's not presentable yet.
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Decently big update, same link as above.

E1M2 is playable now, just wanted to see what people thought of it before I went through the process of prettying things up. Check it out and tell me what you thought please. I'll move on to E1M3 in the meantime.
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Level 3 is playable and I've started working on Level 4. I really need playtesters you guys.
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Also if somebody could make some really simple textures for me that'd be very helpful, thanks.
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Guess I'll playtest... Updates will be on this reply.

UPDATE: Good so far, only complaint is that there is an unopenable door in E1M1 and no yellow key This makes the level incompletable. Please fix it

With  :whale ,

(sorry I had to do that)

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I don't believe the first level requires a yellow key (?) unless I'm forgetting something. I'll check it out as soon as i can, but you can always "map E1M2" in the console
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