Started by Boingo the Clown, July 11, 2017, 01:07:30 AM

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Boingo the Clown

This is The People's DooM

What is The People's DooM?

The goal of The People's DooM (TPD) is to create a complete new IWAD for DooM and DooM source ports that can be used for free.  Eventually, players can use TPD as the main file most DooM source ports in lieu of having to buy the original DooM, or--worse--pirating it.

TPD is a community project, meaning anyone can contribute to it.

We need:
  • mappers
  • sprite artists
  • texture artists
  • music composers
  • play testers

What's it about?

The first three episodes of TPD are dedicated to a single player/coop adventure with its own story.  The fourth episode. "Warworld", is dedicated exclusively to levels for deathmatch play.

A more in-depth version of TPD's story can be found on the website, but here is a shorter version:

Episode 1: A Cry In the Dark

You are a member of a deep space salvage operation.

After finding the remains of a crashed city sized battleship on the surface of Titan, your injured partner goes back up to your salvage ship to bring down the other members of the crew in order to start salvage operations. Almost immediately after he has left, you discover hostile aliens and realize your partner has been infected by an alien organism that will turn him into a dangerous undead monster within a few hours.  You must fight your way through a vast debris field and find a transmitter with which to contact your crewmates and warn them about your partner before it is too late.

Episode 2: Marooned on Titan

Having failed in warning your crewmates in time, you are now marooned on Titan with no way to escape.  However, if you can fight your way to the bridge of the crashed battleship, you can use its computer to pilot down a second dropship from your salvage ship and use it to get home.

Episode 3: The Underground City

With the dropship on its way, you journey into a vast underground cavern in search of a nuclear device.  If you can find it, you can eliminate the alien threat once and for all!

Episode 4: Warworld

This episode is not part of the story.  It is a collection of levels designed specifically for deathmatch play.

Have a blast!  ... then respawn and keep fighting.


I volunteer for music composer.

Boingo the Clown


I hate to be that guy, but what's the difference between this and FreeDoom?


IDK, I believe it's because most people don't know there is a version of FreeDoom that is a TUD IWAD.

Ether Bot

I'd be glad to play test and maybe do other small things as well.
When In don't, doubt!


Boingo, first I need to tell you that it is a HORRIBLE idea to use the new palette of colors as all DooM mods will literally be unplayable with it. Use the original! No matter what you say is wrong with it!

Also, I may only be able to do music for Episode 3, as I don't have the time and knowledge (mostly time lol) to create music for every level. I may make a PWAD containing music made by me for every level, but that will be a long time from now.


That would depend on if this mod plans to be compatible with existing Doom mods like Freedoom. It is a goal to have all of the Doom textures,  so admittedly it's a bit muddy on whether full support is planned or not.


He also said it was to be compatible with other doom mods on the site.


When will you release the first playable build with the new assets?
I'm just a guy.


Also i made a sky that i could donate to the project.
I'm just a guy.


Could you put that sky on MediaFire or something? I would like to see it.


Quote from: WindowsVistaLover5570 on December 10, 2017, 01:39:55 AM
Could you put that sky on MediaFire or something? I would like to see it.
Look on my post on the main thread.
I'm just a guy.