Oblige 6.20 Files for Generating T.U.C.Q. Levels

Started by Boingo the Clown, May 11, 2016, 05:40:10 PM

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Boingo the Clown

I created these files for the T.U.C.Q.: Much Obliged community project. When used to replace the normal files in Oblige 6.20, Oblige will generate levels that look good in T.U.C.Q. and use the T.U.C.Q. flemoids.


Just place the files in the directories indicated by the readme file, run Oblige, and start playing your new T.U.C.Q. levels.


I used to be the new guy that no one talks to, now I'm just the vaguely familiar guy that no one talks to


Guys, I've just found a problem in Oblige. It's not Boingo's fault, but it appears Oblige has a tendency to place the old Doom monsters on 3d sectors. You might find a long-shotting Commonus or Bipedicus, or a mobile Flembrane around 3D sectors. It can be easily fixed by replacing those monsters with their Chex counterparts in whatever editor you use.
Meanwhile, have fun!

Boingo the Clown

Another note:

If you downloaded the zip file yesterday, some outdoor areas will be fouled up.  I'm afraid there was a stupid little error in TUCQextras.wads, which is entirely my fault. In a Sarah Palin moment, I deleted the dummy texture at the begining of the texture list. That caused the next texture in the list, ASHWALL, to become the dummy texture, so any wall or flat using ASHWALL will be fouled up.  (I was rather surprised earlier, when I went into an outside area and found most of it to be invisible!)

I have gone back, fixed the problem, and reuploaded the zip file.

If you downloaded the file before today, download it again to get the fixed TUCQextras.wad.

Otherwise, you're okay.


Apparently my problem can not easily be fixed. The entire thing has eaten the two demons on my map and apparently it is NOT a doomednum issue, so I am hunting through Oblige's source to find the problem. Stay tuned. :facepalm

Ether Bot

It uh..

It doesn't work at all. The txt refers to some folders that dont exist ("Doors??") and only using the required files makes Oblige crash on startup with an error saying "unable to load scripts" blah blah "monsters.lua"

blah blah "attempt to index global doom2 (a nil value)"

idk what that all means
When In don't, doubt!