The maps from the stolen Chex Quest 3 are usable after all!

Started by TrueDude, January 23, 2016, 09:38:39 PM

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I'm sure most everyone here knows Serenity, Eternity and Infinity, which are better known around these parts as the mapsets that the old Chex Quest 3 mod stole the maps from. TUCQ was originally supposed to have these maps, but once it was discovered that they were taken from another mod without permission, they were promptly removed. This was the end of this for probably over a decade now. I've wished for a long time that there was some way that they could be added back in, as I'm very, very nostalgic about these maps, and would love to see them revamped in the same way the other episodes are. Well, I was looking at the .txt files that come with them, and was shocked to find the following passage...

QuoteAuthors may use this level as a source of inspiration to build
new levels. Please don't copy parts of this WAD, and leave us
unmentioned in your description file...

How has this not been seen before?! It's a bit vague, but the way it's stated seems to fairly clearly imply that as long as credit is given, the maps can be remade for other mods. TUCQ has been desperate for new maps for a long time now, and this would be a perfect source to get five quality maps from, even if they need a graphical overhaul.


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