Beta 13 Release Topic (Outdated)

Started by arch129, May 16, 2008, 08:51:04 PM

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E1M8 & E1M9 are done. : )
Soon I can start on the second episode.  ;D

Please leave any comments you have.


I just tried going through the whole episode. Very nice work!

However, on E1M8, I was in the cave tunnel, just about to enter the final area, and I got a segment violation. I haven't been able to ascertain the cause, though...

(By the way, what is the meaning of the word and picture near the start on that level?)


I went through E1M8...And I got this error a few times:
Ignoring Sysex for now ???
Plus, in the place with the slime and walkways thats close to the end, there were several spots where flemoids dissapeared...Maybe a HOM or open sector or just something else?

and I never saw the picture, I just saw 'Gorre the machinator"
Don't take me seriously. In fact, don't take me at all!


@xbolt, Sometimes I gotten error messages before entering the last room before. It might be the final boss or something. \_O.o_/
@Atraingamer, I think that "Ignoring Sysex for now" is something that happens when a midi is done playing and starts over agian it happens in other songs too, also the area might have some mistakes because of all the sectors in it to make the hole in the sky with the mazethings at the bottem too.
Both "Skeith" and "Gorre" are .hack refrences, you have to play the game for it to make sence.