Old releases of Chex Pack are now backed up on ifocserv.net

Started by 75, September 03, 2015, 09:28:00 AM

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Not sure if you guys are interested in this, but I uploaded every release of Chex Pack (all the way back to the beginning).

These files used to be available on Mediafire, but I haven't used that account in a while, so in case that ever goes away, they're still available.

You can get them here:


This directory also contains some early releases of some maps, and an unreleased map too (CTF07 didn't get added, if you guys want it in, let me know).

Note that releases before P16-2 require skulltag_data and skulltag_actors, please use the version of skulltag_actors that came with your version of Zandronum, they update skulltag_actors with the engine, don't download it from best-ever or something like that.

_READTHIS.txt and changelog.txt contain some information about the directory

Quote from: _READTHIS.txt
NOTE: to find the latest version of chex pack, please look in www.ifocserv.net/ftp/wads/, this directory is mostly very old releases of Chex Pack

This directory contains every release of chex pack, note that the mod went through a few name changes:

1. newskull
2. SkullPack
3. ChexSkulltagPack
4. CSP (for beta testing stuff between P14 and P15)
5. ChexSTPack
6. ChexPack

Note that quite a few maps got removed between P14 and P15, P14 has some additional Zorchmatch maps, as well as some invasion maps.


** All chex pack releases before P16-2 REQUIRE skulltag_actors and skulltag_data.pk3, please use the skulltag_actors.pk3 that came with your version of zandronum. **

Take a look at Changelog.txt before downloading extremely old releases. Before ChexSkulltagPackP14 I used to bump the major revision for every little thing I did and the mod changed names a few times (sorry, I know it's confusing).
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