Weekly Play Sessions

Started by MajorSlime, June 15, 2014, 10:32:34 PM

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Do you want me to host A11 or A10?

EDIT: Updated to A12

"Give us those nice bright colors, give us the greens of summer, makes you think all the world's a sunny day."

You can find me on the CQFF discord: https://discord.gg/AgNhjem


I haven't been checking here in a while, though it looks like I haven't been missing a whole lot. But if anyone else is interested, I would love to play in the next few days.


I used to be the new guy that no one talks to, now I'm just the vaguely familiar guy that no one talks to


Haven't had a play session in months... Probably not since summer. I haven't worked on CPS. I did just spend some time converting things to Doom though, so expect a release on the Zand forums here soon.
Shh!  I'm taking a break from reality.