Download Link to Latest Version : ChexPackP16-5.3

Started by 75, June 10, 2011, 02:10:16 AM

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Chex Pack P16-5.3 released, to fix some compatibility issues with Zandronum 3.0

- Jade Plateau's bridges are now replaced with 3d floors, due to compatibility issues (randomly sinking into thing bridges, strange jittery effects while jumping).

- Minor tweak to Large Zorcher's SNDINFO due to an odd compatibility issue (the Shotgun sound from Doom was no longer being inherited for some reason)

- Skulltag runes now inherit from something slightly different because a couple classes were moved from the engine to skulltag_actors.pk3

NOTE: Previous versions of Chex Pack will only work with Zand 2.1.2, and this version will only work with Zand 3.0 and above.
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