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Started by Boingo the Clown, February 09, 2011, 03:10:09 AM

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Boingo the Clown

Here is yet another important thread carried over from the old forum:

Below is a list of things I already plan to do, and will be updated periodically to include new things I either just thought of, or suggestions from the thread that I think I can do. Ideas listed in white are ideas of my own. Ideas listed in yellow are from suggestions posted by others in this thread. Ideas listed in red are ones that I have been implemented.

  • More snot on the walls where ever possible, especially in areas with lots of flemoids.
  • New, larger rock textures for E1M5 to aid in better texture alignment and to reduce repetition.
  • Add random blocks to the edges of the passages in E1M5 to reduce the visual impact of the vertical side walls, and make the level look more cave like.
  • Finsh up the police barriers on E2M4
  • Add a script triggering linedef that will make the Chex Warrior say, "You can not go this way." and other other similar phrases to indicate to the player that he can not go down the extended street. on E2M4
  • Make the snot walls at the ends of the second street look more messy and random.
  • Add transitions, such as teleporters or doorways, to the ends and / or beginnings of levels, in order to give the impression that the levels are connected.
  • Complete the last of the crown and baseboard detailing on E1M1.
  • Build out the computer consoles (currently wall textures) on E1M3.
  • Add computers in some of the labs on E1M3.
  • Several desks and counters using the red cabinet texture throughout the game have grey cement sides. These need to be replaced with textures more consistent with desks and counters.
  • The default grey wall texture is ugly, and appears on way too many walls in the game. These need to be replaced with new texture that are appropriate to the buildings they are on.
  • More art works, artifacts, and fossils need to be added to the museum.
  • The walls around the hedge maze should be lowered, and the rear side of the museum should be visible from the maze.
  • Provided it does not slow the game down, a layer of transparent textures should be added to the hedges making up the hedge maze to make them look more leafy, similar to the way the vines on E1M4 were built up.
  • Implement difficult levels on E2M5 if possible. This may be difficult, because E2M5 is already decently challenging in its current form.
  • Add the detailing to the rest of the teleporter backgrounds like the ones on E1M3.
  • Create new textures for the diner on E2M1. (No.  I am not going to steal Chuck's.)
  • Create a new Cinema level.  (No.  I am not going to steal Chuck's.)
  • Finish redoing the dark grey area of E2M3 as a storate area filled with crates.
  • Finish the skybox on E2M1
  • What the heck is that dark grey maze thing doing in a museum? Will this be detailed later, boingo? I could never understand what exhibit that was...
          And why you need a yellow key to get into it. I think you should totally delete that section and add a more interesting exhibit. --Lucius OctaviOn
  • Would it be possible to make ammo a bit easier to find in the higher difficulty settings? -- Strife

More to come ...

(By the way, feel free to add suggestions here.  If I like them I will add them to the list.)

Boingo the Clown

After litterally years of procrastination, I think the next thing on the To Do list is to get a version of T.U.C.Q. that is fully working in GZDooM.


Feeling a bit progressive, eh?
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Quote from: Boingo the Clown on September 23, 2012, 10:22:32 AM
After litterally years of procrastination, I think the next thing on the To Do list is to get a version of T.U.C.Q. that is fully working in GZDooM.

GZDoom? That would be awesome.  8)


Actually, It most likely doesn't need to be for GZdoom, as normal ZDoom supports 3D floors now...


GZDoom still has a lot of interesting GZDoom specific features ;)
Shh!  I'm taking a break from reality.

Boingo the Clown

Yup.  GZDooM also  supports my old Fraggle scripts, so I won't have to learn ACS scripting until I am ready, which is a definite advantage too.

I will be finished the switchover of DeiMWolf  very soon.  Then I can get at the conversion of T.U.C.Q. right away.


Well, sir, I wish you the best of luck. Also, GZDooM DeiMWolf will be interesting!

Defs keep us posted.
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Do you plan to add the real CQ3 to TUCQ (cant remember if youve said yet)
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Boingo the Clown

I plan on continuing with the storyline I had worked out (with the help of Mark Pendly) several years ago , including the expanded episodes.  The story predates the creation of CQ3, so it does not match up.

I have not yet started working on T.U.C.Q..  I will not start working on it until I have finished converting  DeiMWolf over to GZDooM, which should only be a matter of days now.  When I do get it converted over there will probably be nothing actually new  in the first release, just everything properly working.  After that I will have to start working on new stuff.


yeah I'll want to try DeiMWolf in GZDoom. And TUCQ for that matter... and good luck, and nice to see this is active again (:


Just popped in to wish you the best of luck with the TUCQ transfer to GZDoom. :)

Boingo the Clown


I hope I can have something that is a straight conversion done before Christmas.

Keep your fingers crossed.


As far as my limited knowledge goes...only the teleporter light bars won't convert well. All else should be cake, but again, good luck!
Don't remember me as I was...I was an idiot.


mmm... and those can be converted somewhat easily (although maybe not exactly done in the same way)
Shh!  I'm taking a break from reality.