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Started by Boingo the Clown, February 05, 2011, 03:23:16 AM

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Boingo the Clown

Directly cut and paste from the old forum from late 2004 (!) is some important info for T.U.C.Q..

Some of it may even seem familiar if you've read the "Rules" thread, interestingly enough.

Quote from: Me when I was much youngerI know this wasn't supposed to happen until phase III, but I figure I may as well put out the call now.

I am good at fixing up and detailing levels, but not so great at building levels from scratch, so ...

... if you would like to create a level or two for possible inclusion in T.U.C.Q., get to work now!

You do not have to worry much about details. I will take care of that. Just make sure the level plays well.

If I feel the level stands on its own, then it could end up being used as is (with touch ups, of course).

If the level does not stand up on its own, don't worry too much. It might still be used as part of a level, or elements from it may be used as inspiration for something in another level.

WARNING!!! The descriptions below will act as spoilers for the game, because they will reveal a lot about the planned storyline.

If you do not want to make levels, and do not want to spoil the game for yourself, READ NO FURTHER!!!

Here are basic themes you have to work with:

E1M9 (Secret level for episode I): Some sort of factory or production centre involved in the making of Chex cereal.

E1M6, E1M7: We have now moved from the Caverns of Bazoik into the Bazoik Nutritional Mines proper, so it is mainly a mining theme. There are many Bazoik colonists trapped down here, and more flemoids too, since the Flembrane plans to use the mines as a place to lay its eggs! Since the hostages are not working at the moment, just stick a DooM skull key where you want a hostage to go so I know what you mean.

E1M8: This is the lair of the Flambrane, and the last level of ep1. I had planned to make this level entirely myself, but I can't seem to think of what I want other than a couple of main areas. What I need is a number of areas to help fill in the level.

We are now out of the mines, and into another cavernous area where the Flembrane is planning to lay its eggs. Lots of flemoids here.

E2M9: No set theme.

E2M6: This picks up where E1M5 left off. We are still in the sewers, but now we are in the main sewage processing station. Lots of snot here. Among the various things the player has to do is find a way to get the sewage processing machinery working again, so that it will clear away the snot, thereby averting an ecological disaster.

E2M7: We are back out of the sewers, but we are now in a seedier sections of town. Perhaps it is the docks or the warehouse district.

E2M8: This is a secret lab used by our evil villain. The lab is abandoned, but there are lots and lots of flemoids around, including a nasty boss monster.

Episode III: As the name (Trail of a Cereal Killer) suggests, the player is now trying to track down the evil villain. He will be travelling to a wide variety of planets and exotic locations. This means that there are no set themes to this episode, which also means more chances to be imaginative.

The only two theme I can suggest are a prison (or insane asylum) for the first level, since our villain was supposed to be loaked up.

E3M8: Surprise! Another secret lab! After all, it is traditional for evil genius villains to have multiple expansive (and expensive) secret labs. Where they get the money to build them, and how they manage to have them built without anybody finding out, nobody knows ...

Episode IV: Our villain has unleashed his final flemoid invasion upon the galaxy! a fair bit of variety here, but mostly cities, and rather tough levels with an apocolyptic theme. The player has to work hard to repulse the flemoid invasion from various planets of the GFOC. GFOC headquarters will have to be represented here somewhere as well.

The final level is the villain's main fortress. This will have to be tough, with the toughest monster of all being the villain himself!

It is best at the moment to just make the levels as DooM levels, and use DooM monsters, because all editors support DooM, but none really support Chex Quest. I can fix things up. smile.gif



Trooper (private, former human) = Commonus

Sergeant = Bipedicus

Imp = Bipedicus With Armour

Demon = Cycloptis

Specter (invisible demon) = Larva

Baron of Hell = Flembrane

Hell Knight (Doom 2 monster) = Maximus