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Started by QuadrumpusGuy, November 04, 2010, 10:14:01 PM

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@LAZ: I put in the textures for your room but did not get to putting in your room.

And yes, there has been a strange HOM effect I've been trying to fix but it keeps moving around. It started in the entrance, then moved to the meeting hall, so... I don't know  ???


Maybe the size of the map is screwing with it... or conflicting tags, etc.?
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Possibly. It happens in certain positions only though. It was really strange.  ???


Credit system up and running! Works perfectly! For reference, I have a large coin giving 500 credits, a small coin giving 100 credits, and was thinking the commonus should be 50. I'll include an example or two when I incorporate it into the lounge.
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Haven't worked on the Lounge for a long time  :-\


When will the next beta be released? I am anxious to see what new awesomeness there is. :whale
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see the progress topic. I'm working on a new engine right now, and I'll probably do a chex themed mod for it.
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So, when will the next version of the Skulltag lounge be released? I'd like to see these new features like the credit system.
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Its not actually in the Lounge, yet. But, I should be able to put my stuff in in a few weeks, possibly even by the end of this one. Hope for the best.
Shh!  I'm taking a break from reality.


How is work coming on the lounge?


It's time to resume progress. I'm going to start mapping again for the lounge.  ;D


Yes, the last post was made 4 years ago. But I wanted to do some action for some sort of Chex Quest mod, and I thought of the Lounge as I was reading this topic.
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