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And Provincial Park is done! This level was a bit of a doozy, considering it was the first time I had any problems with the vanilla sprite limit. (Vanilla Doom can only show a certain amount of sprites on-screen at once.) To get around this, I had to remove a bunch of the trees (and other decorations) in the problematic areas.

PSA time: Vanilla limitations cuts down hundreds of trees each year for its own benefits. Boycott vanilla limitations today.

I think I might start on Meteor Spaceship almost immediately now.
I just began work on Provincial Park. So far it's just the "raw" conversion plus the preparation of the needed textures.

One thing I would like to mention is that in order to get the "raw" conversions that I then clean up and edit down for vanilla compatibility, I programmed a special converter script to convert Hexen format maps (which is what CQ3 uses) to the original Doom format. Initially, the maps were converted by opening a map in chex3.wad, selecting everything and copying it, and then pasting it into a Doom format map. This didn't work as well since SLADE (which is what I actually use for mapping as well as WAD management) doesn't properly re-adjust values like line specials to work the same way in the Doom format. My own converter script handles this properly by mapping certain combinations of Hexen format specials, arguments and activations to specific Doom format specials.

I might consider releasing the conversion script I made too sometime, but do note that it's written in the Ruby programming language which is hard to set up outside of Unix-based operating systems (though not impossible).
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edit...
Last post by Richie - December 23, 2023, 11:34:13 PM
This is awesome!  Just let me know if you need a sub-forum.
This is a project I've already brought up in other corners of the internet, but I figured it would only be fair to properly announce it to the actual Chex Quest community. Here's a screenshot of it:

Basically, this is an attempt to backport the official Chex Quest 3 over to vanilla. This is not actually a mod of the original Chex Quest, but rather of Ultimate Doom using a trick involving secret exits to shorten episode lengths and with a special DeHackEd patch applied which is mostly a recreation of Chex 3's DECORATE stuff. It can also run as standalone in some ports.

I released a trailer for it a few months ago on YouTube, which can be found here (the description and pinned comment also contain a bit more info about the mod):

So far, the entirety of the first and second episodes have been converted to vanilla (though a few levels may still need to be touched up a little) as well as the first three all of the levels of the third episode. For the first episode, since I couldn't cut down that episode's length to any lower than 7 levels I also added small levels before and after the "real" 5 levels which serve as rough representations of the intro/ending cinematics. I'm hoping they can eventually also have MIDI versions of the intro/ending cutscene's background music but I'm not that good at music transcription despite my other music skills. I made a MIDI version of the intro and ending music for that myself.

I'll try to post updates about this project to this thread whenever further developments happen.

Music upload:

Release candidate trailer:

Downloads (RC4.1):

For DOS:
For source ports:
Modding version:

Also see the website for more information, links to old versions and a modding guide.
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: Deep Dream Chex Quest
Last post by King Ezra The Wise - December 02, 2023, 07:42:55 PM
So what's new in version 2.0 besides the quality of life improvements
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Deep Dream Chex Quest
Last post by cqfan - November 28, 2023, 06:03:41 PM
Long time member, mostly lurker, rare poster.  Was scouring the internet for DOOM wads, and came across this trippy mod for Doom called Deep Dream.  Lo and behold, when I went to download the file, it turns out they had done the same modification to Chex Quest! I did not see a topic about it here, so figured I would share.  It appears as though it works best with the original Chex Quest wad, but it does (mostly) work with the newest version, albiet the newer textures do not carry over.  It's definitely worth checking out.
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: Chex Quest HD!
Last post by chexman107 - October 26, 2023, 09:17:01 PM
I wonder if Chex Quest HD will make updates before 2.0, such as fixing bugs.
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: Any OG CQ crew still left?
Last post by xbolt - September 13, 2023, 08:05:26 PM
Hey, I know you! Ayo, what up?

(15 years of Zorchin' Alive? Holy crap)
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: Any OG CQ crew still left?
Last post by Boingo the Clown - September 12, 2023, 12:31:12 PM
I remember you.


Traffic has been slow here since CQHD came out, but it is not entirely abandoned.

People still come here.
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Any OG CQ crew still left?
Last post by Rushnerd - September 12, 2023, 01:59:51 AM
Just having a bit of fun coming back here after years and years as I do.
I see the forum is still active and I'm not sure anyone remembers me, but I remember everyone back in the heyday. You guys are awesome and just wanted to chime in!
Star Wars: Dark Forces is getting a remaster soon and made me remember how much I love Chex Quest to death and this community. Never stop.
Enjoy my crapposting here from 2007 haha