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I believe in cannon you just get stuck in place.  Suffocation would not be a child-friendly option.
RC2 has been released! Download here:

Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • Removed the offsets in the WIURH0, WIURH1 and WISPLAT lumps to fix a crash in Nugget Doom.
  • Added replacement Super Slimey confirmation string in the external DEH and internal BEX.
  • Crushed enemies/players are now invisible instead of turning into beakers.
  • Added the "Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edition" startup string to the BEX file.
  • Added replacement sprites for the MBF helper dog (a yellow recolor of the larva).
  • Added an EDFROOT file to make sure the title music plays in full in Eternity, and also to change the Eternity credits background.
  • Added a changelog.
  • Added a mention of the Doomworld thread and some other ports supporting widescreen to the readme.
  • Removed the ZMAPINFO and PFUB1 lumps from the widescreen pack and renamed PFUB1B to PFUB1, as the GZDoom-compatible PFUB1 works with other ports too.
  • Added unmarked exits to E4M1 and all the dummy levels, in order to allow full level completion in DSDA-Doom.
  • Shifted player starts in CQ1M3 to prevent illegal reads in DOS when novert is used.
  • Removed Boom-specific thing flags from all levels.
  • Added a DM-only teleporter in CQ1M5 to make the Flembrane area exitable in DM.
  • Made it so that leaving the DM-only room in CQ3M5 opens the door back to the key door hub area.
  • Added extra checks to the ZDoom-only ACS script to make absolutely sure E3M1 is Central Command and not a custom level before applying any effects.
  • Added a self-referencing sector near the balcony in the boss room in CQ3M5 to emulate the everything-blocking line in the original ZDoom version.
  • Removed a possible drawseg overflow in CQ3M2 by simplifying the windows in the subway.

Edit: Had to make a quick RC2.1 release due to an oversight preventing 100% secrets in CQ1M5. Download it here:
Quote from: uni on March 13, 2024, 05:38:35 PMOh uhh, Melodic Spaceship: Andrew Benon did indeed make the intro and ending cutscene music. Replying to this in the MIDI metadata. :Р

Thank you for obtaining that information! I'll be sure to update the MIDI metadata in the next release candidate.
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edit...
Last post by uni - March 13, 2024, 05:38:35 PM
Oh uhh, Melodic Spaceship: Andrew Benon did indeed make the intro and ending cutscene music. Replying to this in the MIDI metadata. :Р
<COPYRIGHT> | Original likely by Andrew Benson, MIDI version by Melodic Spaceship
QuoteHey Enzo,

Yes — thanks for updating that. The official names are "Intro Soundtrack" and "Outro Soundtrack".




Andrew Benon

Sorry to triple-post, but...


Download it here:

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to make the link publicly viewable. It should be fixed now.
Well, I went ahead and recreated the intro cutscene soundtrack myself to the best of my ability. You can download the MIDI here if you want to listen to it:

I'll likely also edit this post if I finish the ending cutscene soundtrack before anyone replies.

Oh, and I forgot to say this in my last post, but welcome to the forums!

Edit: I did the ending cutscene music! You can get it here:
I was using the original ChocoRenderLimits, because I couldn't get CRL working on my system. I'm probably gonna have to switch to it once I can get it working, though.
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edit...
Last post by uni - March 09, 2024, 12:06:45 AM
Looks awesome! Would love to be able to use this in DSDA-Doom, using GZDoom feels weird to me... >w<
Are you using CRL to vanilla bug-test this? :Р
That's an interesting suggestion, but it might feel too inconsistent when they're in the same level as sprite trees.

Anyways, Meteor Spaceship is already done, unless I missed something! This level was so much easier to do compared to the previous one. The only two areas that had any problems were the flemoid power strand room and the Snotfolus boss room, which both had VPOs but both could be fixed by removing a bit of mostly cosmetic detail in some places.

Since I have all the levels done, I might release a public beta soon. I still would like MIDI renditions of the CQ1 intro and ending cutscene's background music.
If you really need to you could use transparent textures for some of the trees ...

... but beware of the dreaded visplane limit.