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Chex Quest and Related Topics / [IFOC] Server Hosting: New Top...
Last post by 75 - May 25, 2024, 05:00:56 PM
Since the old topic is in the old part of the forum that isn't visible anymore, I'll make a new one

Server admins: 75, Acts19Quiz

If you want to play on the Zandronum servers, you can download Zandronum here:

IFOC also hosts Odamex (another multiplayer DOOM source port, more 'Vanilla-oriented' than Zandronum) Chex servers. Currently, two servers are up: Chex Quest: The Pentiultimate Breakfast, and a pre-release version of Chex Quest 3 v2.0 for Odamex (a Zandronum server for pre-release CQ3v2 is also up). Odamex can be downloaded at


- You may not cause the game to be unplayable for other players (e.g., exit blocking).

- Do not abuse vote kick

- Don't be a jerk

If there's a problem, reach out to Acts19Quiz first, but if you can't get ahold of him, feel free to reach out to 75. Both of us can be reached on the CQFF discord. You can also use the e-mail address listed in the servers. There's more than one person named 75 in the CQFF, I'm the one with the red avatar and "jwaffe" as my discord id,

- CQFF Discord invite link:

Hostname :
All of my wads and pk3s that I'm hosting can be found here

Here's some history to make me feel old,
- the old topic was originally posted on 8/14/2011
- I switched to Linode on 8/12/2012
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: Questions about various th...
Last post by 75 - May 18, 2024, 08:32:17 PM

You mean this mod, right?

There's also a mod called "Chex Quest Generation 2" by the same author so I just wanted to make sure.

It seems like I can just barely get through the diagonal stairs in that mod in zand, I can't get through it at all on gzdoom. To be honest that hallway is probably just too thin and maybe gzdoom just changed their physics code a little since then.

I thought at first it was because one class is wider than the others but no class can get through that hallway.
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Questions about various things...
Last post by Danfun64 - May 14, 2024, 05:12:37 PM
Been awhile since I posted here I think. It looks like a large amount of threads with old download links have disappeared since I was here least.

Anyway, TNCQ G2. It's still available on the Chex Quest Gallery, alongside the weird questionably legal version of Doom 2 it was built on.

First of all, I believe it required OpenGL to work? I don't remember now, and it's hard to find information on it.

Second, it's very difficult to get past the first area in gzdoom. The weird tight section where you have to go diagnally, it doesn't seem to work (it does in Zandronum though). Are there any compatibility settings I'm missing?
Please excuse the quadruple post, but RC4 has now been released! There are a lot of changes in this version, but I'll go over a few highlights.

First of all, I went ahead and changed the GZDoom autoload/filter name to "chex3vanilla", except now that's actually a new filter category, consisting of "chex3vanilla.cq3" which is the main WAD you've probably already been using and "chex3vanilla.d2". The latter is another addition to this version: a Doom 2 based WAD called "chex3d2.wad" which contains most of the same resources as the main WAD but is in the Doom 2 format instead.

Unlike "chex3v.wad" it doesn't contain its own levels (not counting the dummy levels) and is solely meant to be the foundation for other PWADs. You can make a PWAD based on this instead of the main WAD if you'd prefer to use the Doom 2 style format or want to make use of the Super Large Zorcher or Megasphere in levels. Due to it only being of interest to modders and anyone wishing to play a PWAD that requires it, it's included in its own separate package. It currently doesn't have a DOS version.

Lastly, the source code of the CQ3HACK utility is now included in the DOS package as per the request of someone over at Doomworld. At any rate, enough rambling. Grab it here:

For DOS:
For source ports:
Modding version:

Full changelog:

  • Re-arranged the demos so that the CQ1M1, CQ2M1 and CQ3M1 demos are shown before the CQ1M0 demo.
  • Removed the "enterpic" and "exitpic" definitions from the UMAPINFO lump.
  • Adjusted the ZMAPINFO to better support using Doom II as the IWAD in ZDoom-based ports.
  • Merged the EMENUS and EDFROOT lumps into a single EDFROOT lump.
  • Merged the TEXTURE1 and TEXTURE2 lumps into a single big TEXTURE1 lump, so that PWADs can include just a TEXTURE2 lump without needing to have copies of the IWAD's TEXTURE2 definitions.
  • Added a replacement for the PISTA0 sprite, copied from the MINZA0 sprite in zdoom.pk3.
  • Fixed a misaligned and missing texture near the lift near the red key door in CQ3M1.
  • Increased the delay for the CQ2M5 ACS exit script to ensure the voodoo doll can collect the invulnerability sphere if the voodoo doll spawns at all.
  • Added custom menu back button and WISLASH graphics for ZDoom.
  • Moved the ZDoom obituaries into the DEHACKED lump since Woof supports ZDoom-style obituaries, and moved the Eternity obituaries into the EDFROOT lump in order to provide ones that otherwise conflict with the ZDoom-style ones.
  • Added a DM-only teleporter that allows exiting the maze area in CQ2M3.
  • Merged a few pointlessly split lines in the maze in CQ2M3.
  • All levels now have 10 DM starts.
  • Fixed a switch door, and adjusted texture alignments on two lines in CQ1M3.
  • Added a DM-only exit from the final area in CQ2M4.
  • Adjusted the STARMS graphic to be the same width as the STPTS graphic.
  • Made all intermission screens have the last frames of animation be part of the background, and also corrected the bad offsets in the CQ1 intermission animation.
  • Fred Chexter's foot is now in a different position depending on the level in the CQ2 intermission screen.
  • Made some texture alignment adjustments in the main area of CQ3M1.
  • Corrected a typo in the EMAPINFO lump.
  • Changed the GZDoom autoload/filter name from "chex.chex3vanilla" to "chex3vanilla.cq3" in order to prevent issues with mods that expect the Chex Quest 1 or ZDoom Chex Quest 3 actors, which Chex 3 Vanilla doesn't use.
  • Removed the "ENDFLT*" flats and references to them in the DeHackEd files, as they already exist under different names and there's no visual difference with the ones that are used by default in the text screens.
  • Added dummy textures for the Doom 2 switches. They're present both WADs only because the Doom 2 style modding base WAD needs them, which is auto-generated from the main IWAD and a stub WAD.
  • Removed patches that were present in the WAD but not referenced in PNAMES.
  • Introduced chex3d2.wad, an alternate IWAD specifically to be used as the basis for PWADs that want to go with a more Doom 2 style format or make use of the Super Large Zorcher or Megasphere, and contains none of its own levels.
  • The "cast call" duplicate of the armored bipedicus was replaced with one of the cycloptis, because it otherwise doesn't show up in the cast call.
  • Added an Eternity-compatible version of the big font.
  • Added an introduction and known issues section to the readme.
  • Added the source code of CQ3HACK to the DOS package.
  • Added a DECORATE definition for the Flem Mine to remove the translucency that only made sense for its Doom counterpart in ZDoom.
  • Added a link to the YouTube upload of the additional music to the readme.

Edit: Had to release an RC4.1 due to a glaring issue in the UMAPINFO lump. Download it from the new website:
The Lost Quest / Re: Shiny Grimer shiny Muk and...
Last post by King Ezra The Wise - April 21, 2024, 08:36:05 PM
What Pokémon should I give flemodious Forms for if I made this mod these Pokémon are GZDoom exclusive and can only be found in Chex Quest
The Lost Quest / Re: Darker green flemoids
Last post by King Ezra The Wise - April 21, 2024, 08:34:00 PM
Is it possible to play this with other Chex quest wads I'm asking because I may do the Bazoik mission with only the Ultra Zorcher
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: get slimed catch a cold th...
Last post by chexman107 - April 09, 2024, 06:14:09 PM
I am not sure about the outfit; that seems pretty gimmicky in my opinion. But a giant flemoid sneezing a spray of slime seems like good, creative idea to simulate a rocket-like ball of slime.
Chex Quest and Related Topics / Re: get slimed catch a cold th...
Last post by Replica - April 06, 2024, 10:00:38 PM
That's a great idea. I like it. It'd be cool if decorate/dehacked was used to give it's attack a shotgun like effect with multiple rockets, to simulate a bigger nastier sneeze.
RC3 has been released! The most notable part of this is the introduction of the DOS package! I assume everything in that package is legally fine to redistribute, but if something isn't please let me know so I can remove it in another update.

  • Fred Chexter will be seeing you at "" instead of "".
  • Added a credit for some ZDoom support lumps being based on zdoom.pk3.
  • Blue is now the default player color in ZDoom.
  • Added custom obituary strings for Eternity.
  • Fixed holes in the "WALL55_1" patch.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between the DeHackEd files and the DECORATE lump, where the second hanging plant was solid only in the latter.
  • Added a MENUDEF lump to make the big font green in ZDoom.
  • Fixed the E3 ending text having a missing word from the original ZDoom version.
  • E4M1 is now simply labeled as "E4M1" on the automap.
  • All Doom II/TNT/Plutonia level strings in the BEX file which were holdovers from before the switch to Ultimate Doom as a base were changed to simply say "level X".
  • Added replacement sound effect for the helper flem getting zorched.
  • Computer maps no longer affect item percentages, in order to make it possible to achieve 100% items on levels with more than one.
  • Marked a line in the starting window in CQ2M3 as impassable.
  • Added a picture of the maze to CQ2M3.
  • The ZMAPINFO now enforces no jumping or crouching.
  • Fixed the Cycloptis name in the ZMAPINFO cast call definition.
  • Introduced the package for DOS and modified the readme accordingly.
  • Made the readme and changelog more readable under DOS, and converted line-breaks to the Windows format.
  • Added a DECORATE definition for the SLZ in order to fix weapon auto-switching in Zandronum.
  • Added a DOOMDEFS lump for GZDoom and Zandronum in order to modify the lighting effects that only made sense in Doom.
  • Changed the teleporter leading to the maze in CQ2M3 to be multi-shot instead of one-shot.
  • Added code for CQ2M5 in the ZDoom-only ACS script to make the Maximus exit more reliable in ZDoom.
  • Added mentions of the YouTube trailers in the readme.

Download (for source ports):
Download (for DOS):
If it interests anyone, I have considered a possible replacement for the DooM cyberdemon.

A giant flemoid with a cold.  He would have an ice pack on his head and a thermometer in his mouth and could possibly be wearing a bathrobe.  What can be worse than a snot monster with a cold?

Instead of firing rockets he would sneeze (ah Ah AH-CHOOOOOO!) and send out a disgusting burst of flem towards the player.