TPD Episode 3 Music Progress

Started by DestroyedEDGE, August 04, 2017, 01:12:46 PM

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No, I am not doing any other music outside of E3.

E3M1 - Just Started

E3M2 - Untouched

E3M3 - Untouched

E3M4 - Untouched

E3M5 - Untouched

E3M6 - Untouched

E3M7 - Untouched

E3M8 - Untouched

E3M9 - Untouched

This will be updated regularly.
Please don't ask if I've forgotten to update this or if I've stopped making this, because it is up to date and I haven't stopped making music.


If I were to make a recommendation,  it might be smart to wait until levels have been produced so the tracks can match the maps. Otherwise it'll end up like Freedoom where most of the original music tracks ended up being purged in the last couple years as they were inconsistent with the maps tones.


That's what I am attempting to do.

Boingo the Clown


Don't make a list until you've actually started making music.
I used to be the new guy that no one talks to, now I'm just the vaguely familiar guy that no one talks to

Boingo the Clown


I am no longer going to actively work on this project. I have more important things that I need to be doing, and tbh I entirely forgot about this project until just recently. I will admit that it was incredibly stupid of me to start a project that I had no idea how to finish, and I apologize for that.