New Weekly Play Session Day?

Started by MajorSlime, July 14, 2014, 12:04:36 AM

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Should there be a new day for the Weekly Play Sessions? Or should it be left alone?

Its fine, leave it as Sunday.
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Nah, Thursday is much better.
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Saturday works better for me bro.
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I'm weird. I like Monday.
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TGIF man.
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So guys, its been awfully quiet in the Weekly Play Sessions. I think this is because were hosting it on Sunday, which is usually a slow day for a lot of people. So what do you think, should we change the day?

I would like to do it on a different day myself (I much prefer Saturday), but if more people can do Sunday rather than Saturday (or another day), than so be it.
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Sunday is better for me, but I can do Saturdays too, I'll just be on later sometimes. (Assuming I get my connection problems worked out :( )


Why only have 1 play session?

Here's my suggestion: Try announcing a play session on a different day of the week for 7 weeks, then determine what day(s) work(s) best for everyone. It seems that the best time for people is usually sometime around 7:30 PM EST, so announce play-sessions on a different day each week, starting with Saturday and working backwards.

So, here's an example schedule:
THIS WEEK: Saturday, July 19, Starts @ 7:30 PM EST
NEXT WEEK: Friday, July 25, Starts @ 7:30 PM EST
3RD WEEK: Thursday, July 31, Starts @ 7:30 PM EST

Once you've gone all the way through, see what days worked best, then host the play sessions on those days.
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I don't know if that's necessary. Most of the people who would be joining will be on these forums voting anyway.

I do think we should try out Saturday night, though. There might be more people playing Zandronum in general so we could attract some Doom players. On Friday they would probably be more inclined to join Friday Night Fragfest instead so Saturday seems like a better bet.


There's also some sort of event they do on Saturday as well (Saturday Night Survival I think?), but since that'll be survival, we might attract some guys who would rather play vs?
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Yeah, there is a Saturday Night Survival, but it's in the early afternoon for Americans (2:00 EST) so it wouldn't interfere with evening play sessions.


Oh dang, that IS rather early. That's like 11 AM over here.
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It's highly unlikely I'll be able to do anything (play or update the servers) during the week, Saturday might be better for me than sunday but it's really hard to say.
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