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Would Shiny Kantonian Grimer, Shiny Kantonian Muk and non shiny Alolan Grimer be possible for a Chex quest mod they could use sludge bomb but the color is green instead of purple

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The Lost Quest / Shiny Grimer shiny Muk and Alo...
Last post by King Ezra The Wise - July 30, 2022, 04:26:14 PM
I have a few ideas for Episode 2 why not add Alolan Grimer and the shiny forms of Kantonian Grimer and Kantonian Muk I think they're the same color as flemoids

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I mean more in terms of game play.

I didn't get around to completing it, but I was working on video intros and extros via in game cameras and textures.  They would have worked  something like storyboard reals, where  individual pics would have been displayed along with the sound.

GZDoom specifically added support for a few types of FMV cutscenes, so this mod adds in the intro and ending video files that came with the original release of Chex Quest. The intro plays when first booting up the game or when starting the first episode (depending on the IWAD used) and the ending plays after beating E1M5.

Is this feature potentially something that might be useful for TUCQ?
What kind of cutscenes?
Recently, I found out that GZDoom added support for cutscenes. So I made this little mod that will add Chex Quest's intro and ending cutscenes in-game using this new feature:
It's compatible with both Chex Quest 1 and 3.
The Ultimate Chex Quest / Re: T.U.C.Q. Progess Thread
Last post by Dacicus - June 22, 2022, 02:14:10 AM
Wow, that's huge.  A flemoid that large is going to be hard to miss, but I wonder how you can avoid it or its attacks.
The Ultimate Chex Quest / Re: T.U.C.Q. Progess Thread
Last post by xbolt - June 21, 2022, 10:05:29 PM
I'm well-versed in MS Paint sprites, lol

Looks cool! Can't wait to see how it ends up.